solar parking structure st charles il

Why Peterson Steel

We focus on engineering and designs that are easy to install and ultimately more cost effective for you. We will bring your project to life in our state of the art facility where we custom weld, roll, and get all your components ready for shipment. Our mission is to provide you with high quality buildings supported by excellent customer service. Our experienced staff is committed to meeting your needs, regardless of project size.

1. Durability

Pre-engineered steel buildings are strong enough to withstand heavy snowfall, high winds, and strong earthquakes. They can be engineered to handle various loads either hung from the ceiling or outside on the roof, the weight of full solar combined with HVAC, just let us know your current or planned needs and we will provide a structure to meet your needs. The steel roof panels can also be coated with an aluminum compound called galvalume to prevent rusting and increase the life of the panels. They're also non-combustible so it's unlikely they will be destroyed by fire.

2. Quick Assembly

Traditional wood building construction can easily take a few months to complete. Some companies require on site customization that adds time and considerable labor costs to your project. Peterson Steel Buildings and Solar Structures Building system is very quick and easy to erect. Anchor bolt patterns, detailed assembly drawings, and a step-by-step erection guide are all included with every building. All major connections are bolted together with pre-punched holes and most components are precut and numbered to correspond with your drawings for quick assembly. We double check all components before shipping and have additional reviews from the pictures we take prior to shipping.

3. Flexibility

Pre-engineered metal buildings can have few to no interior columns, meaning that their interior layout is far more flexible and better for storing large pieces of equipment, installing lifts, and conducting interior activities. The ability to have larger door openings such as overhead, rolling, and sliding doors. Larger door openings make them better for storing large pieces of equipment or bigger toys. From an agricultural or aviation perspective, this makes them ideal for storing large aircraft or farm equipment. Our steel solar structures can be added to any parking area providing energy savings without concerns of roof weight limits. The covered parking and even sidewalks are a benefit in winter and summer and can make your property more in demand for renting space.

4. Energy Efficiency

Rigid frame steel buildings can be insulated far better than wood frame steel buildings, which boosts energy efficiency and can lead to vast savings on heating and cooling costs.

5. Significant Cost Savings

Pre-engineered steel buildings usually cost less than traditional construction. The construction process with pre-engineered steel buildings is usually not affected by delays like traditional construction. Since the building just needs to be assembled, there are rarely any surprise cost increases. Also, these buildings can be assembled and erected by almost anyone, so labor costs are reduced and saves time in the process.